Dental Crowns Ypsilanti, MI

Do you want to live a healthy and happy life with full control over your ability to speak and eat easily? If so, you should pay special attention to your teeth and ensure that your oral health is optimal. This means coming into our office regularly and undergoing any necessary cleanings or procedures to ensure that potential issues are avoided, and existing problems are fixed as quickly as possible.

At Van Alstine Family Dentistry, we strive to provide our patients with the very best in dental care. We are proud to offer tooth restorations and protections like crowns to our patients and hope that we can help them meet their oral health goals.

When You Might Need A Dental Crown

If you have been coming into our office for a while, chances are good that you have needed to have some work done. Cavities, for example, are incredibly common issues that afflict many individuals and lead to many patients asking us for help. Sometimes, the work that you need to have done on your tooth to ensure its health and longevity isn’t something that can be easily completed without leaving signs on the tooth in question.

Dental Crowns at Van Alstine Family DentistryWhen you have to have significant work done on your teeth, you might find yourself with the necessity of providing extra support or protection to them. Doing this is known as tooth restoration, an area of dentistry that works towards restoring an ailing or weakened tooth back to a strong and healthy state so that the patient can retain use of it for years to come.

Are You Ready to Restore Your Smile?

Don’t suffer the consequences of damaged teeth! Dental crowns are natural-looking restorations that can repair severe dental problems. Start smiling better today!

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What Types Of Dental Crown Are There?

When you need to have some form of tooth restoration completed, you might be wondering what options are out there. Depending upon the placement of the tooth in question and the specific needs you are trying to meet, a crown might be a great option for your tooth restoration needs. A crown is like a cap for your tooth. It fits snugly over the tooth in question and serves to reinforce it—to make sure that the tooth is as strong as possible and will continue to provide you with a functioning smile for as long as possible.

Crowns are made up of different kinds of material. Gold crowns, for example, are popular options for back teeth because they provide plenty of support and do not yield to wear and tear caused by eating or grinding your teeth as easily as other materials. For teeth that are in the front of your mouth, of course, you will want to opt for something a little more natural-looking. For these cases, ceramic or porcelain crowns might be exactly what you are looking for.

The Benefit Of Dental Crowns

When taken care of properly, crowns can last for a very long time. In fact, one crown can last you as long as a decade or more as long as you follow all of the care instructions and maintain a good oral hygiene routine.