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Are you experiencing much pain from your teeth? Then it might be time to visit us here at Van Alstine Family Dentistry to get a checkup. You might be suffering from an infection within your tooth and may not even realize it. We want you to be educated about your oral health to prevent such things from happening again. Here is what you should know about root canal therapy, why you need it, what the process is, and what could happen if you neglect your oral health.

Why You Need Root Canal Therapy

If we tell you that you need root canal therapy, it is best to get it done as soon as possible. However, how will you know that you need one before coming to see us? The most common symptom of needing one is tooth pain. You might notice that your tooth has even more pain if you consume food or drinks that are hot or cold. Your gums might be very sensitive as well. There are many reasons why you would need root canal therapy. The first is that the pulp or nerve that is inside of your tooth is either inflamed or infected. This would be why your gums might be swelling as well. This can happen if you leave a cavity unattended because the infection or inflammation comes from decay.

Another reason is that you might have gotten into an accident. If you cracked your tooth, germs and bacteria can enter and cause an infection of the nerve and pulp as well. The impact of the accident could also cause it to be inflamed. The only way to know for sure if by getting a checkup with us.

How Does The Process Go?

An x-ray is done first to get a clear picture of the area causing concern. Afterward, you will get an anesthetic. When the affected tooth is already numb, we will put a small cover over it which is known as a dental dam. This way, other teeth will not get affected by the procedure, and saliva will not get in the way.

Once that is all finished, we will create a hole on the top of the tooth. We will then begin to carefully remove the damaged pulp from the inside of the tooth and treat the infection. Afterward, we will put a temporary filling within the tooth to seal it. We will schedule a follow-up appointment to remove the temporary filling and replace it with a standard filling.

What Happens If I Do Not Get One?

If you do not get root canal therapy quickly, the infection can become very severe. This will cause serious discomfort and pain and can even damage your gums. There are some cases where root canal therapy will not be an option, and one must have their tooth completely removed.

It is better to be safe than sorry. If you think that you need root canal therapy, visit us today at Van Alstine Family Dentistry so that we can help you stop the problem and keep it from getting worse. Give us a call at Van Alstine Family Dentistry Phone Number (734) 482-8500 to schedule your appointment.

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