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Keeping your teeth strong and intact is our number one priority here at Van Alstine Family Dental, and that does not stop once you walk out of our doors. There are a lot of different ways that your teeth can become damaged on a day-to-day basis. Commonly, sports tend to cause dental trauma as the impact can lead to chipped, broken, or avulsed teeth. However, even sleeping can cause oral issues, since many people tend to grind their teeth, increasing the wear and tear that your teeth need to deal with. For reasons such as these, we suggest the use of mouthguards to many of our patients.

What Are Mouthguards?

There are different varieties of mouthguards, but many of them serve the same purpose. Mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth and to cushion the blows from external forces. These also are intended to limit the potential damage that could come to your lips, tongue, or cheeks as well. There are some guards that cover both your upper and lower jaws, but most cover only your top teeth, giving you the ability to still have some mobility. This is because your top teeth tend to stick out more, meaning that they absorb the brunt of the impact. Your bottom teeth are a little bit more protected in the long run. These are a great option for athletes in high impact sports since the mouth is so easily injured.

However, there are also guards for sleeping in. Tooth grinding can wear your teeth down and cause you to lose protective surface enamel over time. The results can be painful, and teeth could break or crack. Night guards prevent your teeth from rubbing in this way. Finally, we also have mouthguards for those prone to snoring. Slightly realigning your jaw can have a wide variety of benefits, such as pain relief, easing muscle tension, and opening airways when you sleep.

Types Of Mouthguards

There are three main styles of mouthguards. One is a stock mouthguard, generally purchased for athletes and come pre-formed. These have very limited adjustability and do not adequately protect your teeth. They can also make breathing and speaking incredibly difficult. We don’t recommend you use those. However, there are also boil and bite mouthguards. These require a small amount of preparation, but ultimately protect your teeth better as they are moldable to your specific bite pattern. Finally, we can make you a custom-made mouthguard that goes exactly along with your bite pattern and fits your jaw. It gives you mobility and a safe, sturdy structure.

Van Alstine Family Dentistry will help you get the exact fit that you need for your specific needs and health goals. For more information on what we can do for you, give us a call today and set up a consultation appointment. We can answer any questions you may have on the subject and get you well on your way to safe teeth. We are here for you in and out of the office!

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